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how do you feel about wedding announcements?

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--- Quote from: lellah on April 10, 2014, 12:17:34 PM ---Thanks for weighing in everyone. :-) I'm inclining toward no announcements.  Buuuuuut... this creates a problem. One of the reasons for sending announcements was the inclusion of "at home" cards communicating my decision to keep my name.  I'm not going to send back mail sent to Mrs His Name, but I'm also not enthusiastic to explain one million times my correct address form. 

What if we sent a postcard similar to the ones people send when they've moved announcing that we were married at such and such a date and place and that people should update their address books to show Ms Me and Mr Him at Our Address?

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I thought that was my suggestion, way back on page one. That you send an announcement disguised as a "Please update your address book" notice, complete w/ contact info, anniversary date, info on what you've done (or not done) in terms of changing your name.

You could even do the traditional announcement wording and simply include the "at home" info as well, which would make it seem less as though you're contacting them out of the blue.

Joe and Alice [Williams] Johnson
are pleased to announce
that they were married
this date.
Their new address is
[128 Pleasant Street}
Hurleyville, Iowa

That sort of thing.


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--- Quote from: sparksals on April 11, 2014, 10:10:51 AM ---Added to the conservative leaning of the family, they might be perfectly well versed with announcements and wonder why they weren't sent.  I do like the suggestion above about the photo card , seems FAR more personal than the postcard idea.

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Yeah, in my family, if there was a small wedding or an elopement, some of my aunts would wonder why an announcement wasn't sent out. The last two I received were photo cards of the couple with the announcement to the side. One of these was a beachside wedding with just the two of them and the officiant with a beautiful sunset. It was great.

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To me, these two examples demonstrate when an announcement is most useful and couldn't give offense. The issue of who got invited to the wedding and who didn't is moot.

Those are the types of weddings that I've received announcements for in the past. Either the couple eloped, or for whatever reason (sometimes a remarriage) the couple decided to get married with only a couple of witnesses attending.

On the other hand, if a wedding has an invitation list of 100, and another 100 receive announcements, that is a different situation. People in the second hundred will either (1) consider this a thoughtful gesture and be grateful to be remembered by the couple, or (2) be chapped that they were passed over when wedding invitations were sent and won't appreciate the reminder. While  etiquette-approved, announcements may not have the effect that the couple intended.


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