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Incy wincy or itsy bitsy?

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Since I had my DD I've been singing along to a lot of nursery rhymes. I've noticed that I grew up with the incy wincy spider (climbed up the water spout etc) but I have heard versions that say the itsy bitsy spider.

I'm wondering which version is regional to which location. So, where are you from and which version do you sing?

For reference, I am in Western Australia.

US here, in New England. We sing "itsy bitsy," although I have heard recordings that use "incy wincy."

South East England - Incy Wincy.

I've always connected Itsy Bitsy with America. Don't know if that's accurate or not.

Itsy bitsy from U.S

I grew up in southern New Jersey in the US.  It was the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  I haven't heard of the Incy Wincy Spider.  Interesting!  I wonder what other nursery rhymes are different.


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