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I want to be me


I don't want to be refereetoo0 or even refereetoo, I want to be referee just like I was years ago here on EHell.   As referee, somehow I got logged out and couldn't remember my password.  I tried the option to have it emailed to me but never got anything.  I suspect it my email was an old work email address.  The same thing happened with refereetoo here recently.  There are instructions on how to change your email address by accessing your profile, but you must be logged on in order to do so.  So I am stuck....  Or am I?
Is there a remedy for this?
Thanks for any assistance.

Outdoor Girl:
I reported your post so the moderators see it and can hopefully answer your question.   :)

I couldn't find "referee" in the member list. Perhaps try registering under that name again? That's all I can suggest, sorry!


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