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A neat alternative to a guest book!

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(There's so many wedding sub-forums I wasn't sure where to post this, but I think this was the most appropriate one.)

Someone on Reddit posted this, saying it was his sister's alternative to a guest book at her wedding.  What a neat, clever idea!  I love it, and if I ever have a guest book type of situation, I want to do this.  (With plenty of baby wipes on hand, of course.) 

In case the photo is too small to see inline (if you open it by itself, it's full sized), it's a sketch of the happy couple riding a bike through the air over a house.  The bride is holding the strings to a huge bouquet of Up-style balloons... which are actually the thumb or finger prints of the guests, in lovely colors of ink or watercolor, and many of the "balloons" have been signed by the guests with a fine tipped pen.  It's so neat!


There are some other wonderful alternatives out there in the land of Pinterest, including one where the backdrop is a tree and guests add their thumbprints to it.

We did a Halloween wedding, and had the guests sign a large plastic pumpkin (the realistic type) & a short message.  Just over 3 years later, and it's still in good shape!

I know a couple who did this, but instead of ballons, the thumbprints were leaves. They had a large brown trunk with branches painted on the canvas, and all the inks were green/tan/orange/yellow colors. Very pretty.

Texas Mom:
What a cute idea.

I went to a wedding last fall.  The "guest book" was a 2014 calendar.  The guests wrote their name on their birthday so the B & G could think of their guests on THEIR special day the following year.


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