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A neat alternative to a guest book!

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Very cute!

One idea a college friend of mine did was have the guests sign a wedding quilt she or a family member had made. It was a pretty big hit with the guests, and it seemed a great way to have something to remember their loved ones by, especially considering they were planning to leave the country in the near future.


--- Quote from: Texas Mom on April 23, 2014, 11:10:49 PM ---What a cute idea.

I went to a wedding last fall.  The "guest book" was a 2014 calendar.  The guests wrote their name on their birthday so the B & G could think of their guests on THEIR special day the following year.

--- End quote ---

Now *that* makes sense to me. My thought on all the guest books is, "really, will you want this around for years and years?" I guess I'm just lazy, or unsentimental.

But the guest book calendar is cool, bcs you can read it, transfer the info, and then keep in touch.

But, I'm lazy and  unsentimental, so I'd probably never actually send b'day cards, so it would just point out to people how lazy and unsentimental I am.

We did the calendar--but we actually chose a year book/date book, so the dates aren't tied to a particular year, and it's a book, so it's still easy to set on a shelf.

Unfortunately, only about 10 guests bothered to sign it, but it's still a beautiful book full of seasonal watercolor illustrations, and we can add to it forever, if we choose--each date has 1/7 of a page.

Wow! I wish I had seen these ideas before my DD got married last year! Clever and I will try to remember them if I know anyone getting married!


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