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It's Monday and so far no invitations for Easter (sister usually has it and she's been invited somewhere). Having and inviting family over isn't an option in my tiny place. So wondering how have you all celebrated holidays by yourself? Any special tricks to make sure it's not sad?

Lots of Easter chocolate, bunny foo-foos and a few good movies/books.

Maybe a mini spa day for yourself? Give yourself a mani/pedi/facial?

I've done it a few times in the past. Usually Easter because it hasn't been a big deal in our family.

A couple of things I have enjoyed:
- buy your favourite foods to cook yourself your favourite meal
- your favourite, indulgent chocolate eggs/bunnies whatever
- organise some dvds or books or music you've been looking forward to
- pamper yourself - hair washing, pedicure, manicure or go to a day spa as Seraphim suggested although they're not always open on the loneliest holiday days
- sleep in!!!

or, depending on what your interests are:
- look for an event for singles in your area there might be a lunch or dinner or something like that
- look for a charity event you could volunteer at. We have "Christmas for those alone" here. There might be an Easter equivalent

Op you mentioned having family at your place isn't an option because of the size. That suggested to me there is more family around than just your sister. So if she's not hosting, what are the others doing? What about a meal out together or at one of their houses?

I generally have ushering duty at church, so that's my occasion to get dressed up and see people.

aussie_chick made some good suggestions on entertaining yourself. But if you really want to be with friends/family, could you all go out to brunch/lunch if your place is really too small to entertain? (By the way, you might consider re-thinking this as a reason for not hosting. It's the people and the food that make for a good time, not the size of the venue.)

I'm having people over the week after Easter. People don't have as many scheduling conflicts then.

My other thought is that, depending on your locale, there is usually an alternative culture that doesn't celebrate the holiday that might have restaurants open to treat yourself, even if it's just for take out to go with your book/movie that others have suggested.


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