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Did Ralph do anything wrong?

Not at all
133 (62.1%)
Delivery failure
57 (26.6%)
2 (0.9%)
Kind of- maybe
16 (7.5%)
6 (2.8%)

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Author Topic: Etiquette of defining exclusivity- a spinoff  (Read 44400 times)

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Re: Etiquette of defining exclusivity- a spinoff
« Reply #150 on: May 04, 2014, 01:00:23 PM »
I find this entire thread very interesting.

I am in my 50's, divorced nearly 5 years. I dated one man met via an on-line site for a few months but only a handful of times due to scheduling. We were exclusive because neither of us had the time to date others. We ended things kindly and still talk at random times.

I have dated two guys I met through friends. Neither worked out as romantic partners but we are still casual friends.

Then there have been two long-distance situations. One was a casual thing. Friendly dates when we had the opportunity.  He introduced me (fix-up) to a friend. Friend and i dated for over a year...talking daily, texts multiple times daily, traveling to each other at least once per month. He brought up long-term, permanent plans and goals for the two of us. Discussed where we would reside together, etc. We had met each other's friends and familues. Until I overheard a bartender in his town ask "is that your girlfriend?" "No, just a friend".
Sometimes even when exclusivity is stated, the meaning is different between two people.


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Re: Etiquette of defining exclusivity- a spinoff
« Reply #151 on: May 20, 2014, 03:14:01 PM »
I think Ralph's mistake was telling Jenna about Deborah.  He can date multiple women.
However, it is equally valid for Jenna to not be cool with it. She is under no obligation to compete.