• April 25, 2018, 12:15:57 AM

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Author Topic: Bad advice from Dear Abby. 3rd letter.. throw potluck party for your celebration  (Read 9369 times)

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I don't mind cards on our anniversaries. We have gotten some, and I think that's sweet. I have sent a fair number of cards to others for special anniversaries, 10th, 25th, 50th.

That's reasonable.  The big ones are important.  I just had to laugh when I got the Happy 3rd anniversary card. 


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We were married on New Year's Eve, which is pretty memorable for our guests. So we often are wished a happy anniversary on NYE - I even find that overkill, a bit. No-one else's gets remembered, so I feel a bit bad that everyone remembers ours so much.

So I find anniversary parties a bit over the top generally, and I wouldn't want to make food to celebrate someone else's.


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SIL had a big anniversary party for her parents at a restaurant for both their 25th and 40th.  We gave a gift both times,  it's what's done in our circle.