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Giving away centerpieces - would this be rude?

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I think the approach I'd take is to privately offer the centerpieces to the people you want to have them, rather than any type of announcement that shows the rest of the guests that they aren't one of the special few.

I do agree with PPs, though, that there will be people who just have neither desire nor need for another vase and silk flowers, so some will say "thank you, no".

At my wedding, the centerpieces were circular mirror tiles with a few small votive cups with floating candles in them. I thought they were very pretty, but didn't keep one (no use for it). My mom gave them to the church after the wedding. At the recption, though, DD's aunt and cousin came over to us, asking for boxes for the mirror tiles so they could take the centerpieces home with them. I guess she took it upon herself to assign them to different guests.  :o

I would check with the moms and grandmas to see if they want a centerpiece.  If they do, make sure that you have someone grab the required number (yours and theirs) towards the end of the evening and have them set aside (put in a marked box).  If some of the guests take the others or ask if they can have one, tell them yes.  Whatever is left, put in another box and donate to goodwill or sell on Craigs list or something similar.  Or have someone take them to a nursing home--many of the residents would love to have pretty flowers in their rooms.

I would even be careful about asking people at the wedding if they want the centerpieces.  You could put them on the spot--they might feel like they have to say yes and take one.

I had this happen to me once at a wedding.  I was given the centerpiece already packed in a box.  It was handed to me with a big smile on the person's face and a "we know you want to have one of the centerpieces to use in your home as a memory of the wedding."  Uh, no I really don't--I didn't even take the favors (mine and my families) that were on the tables.  It put me in an awkward position.  I took it home and it immediately went into the donation bin as it wasn't our taste or decorating style.  It was perfect for the wedding colors and location and fit the couple's style; just didn't fit ours.   


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