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So my venue can't handle dancing, and anyway neither side of guests are the dancing types. So what can be done to avoid it being 3 hours of eating and mingling?

At my step-sister's wedding, the tables were labeled with numbers/dates of significance to the bride and groom. The people at each table were then supposed to come up with the meaning. It was a great way to break the ice, and get people talking and sharing stories.

At my wedding (also no dancing), we had a mic set up. People could come up and sing a song (or read a poem) with the word love in it. Less interpersonal, but certainly entertaining.

But really, there's nothing wrong with eating and mingling.

Speeches? (sob)
Slideshow from womb-to-wedding?(double sob)

I got nothing. Dancing and music is all I've seen at the wedding receptions I've been to. The only once I've been to that was just eating and mingling was...difficult. But I'll be anxious to hear other ideas as my DD said she might not want dancing at her wedding.

I'm not so sure what's wrong with eating and mingling. In fact, the mingling is the best part. So I'd think you'd want to encourage lots of mingling.

Have *lots* of room between tables for people to move around.

Seat people with other that they don't already know. Especially from the other side of the family. Don't let the seating arrangements be treated like "family reunion"; make them be "dinner party, you'll find this person interesting."

Maybe even bust up couples. (shock!)

Maybe have a buffet, so people have to get up to get more food (and stand next to someone else in line).

Maybe get ahold of several people and say things like, "You'l have never met the groom's Uncle Mike, but I think you'd like him--will you make a point of seeking him out, and saying hello? I want to be sure he's welcomed by someone in our family." Assign them someone to say hello to, and prime them with convo topics. Sort of an in-advance and long-distance way to actually introduce them.

There are "mixer" type activities--place cards, w/ their name facing out (so the new-to-them people at the table will know their name), and on their side instructions like "find the person at your table who recently vacationed in Greece."

Or vice versa, so that info like "raises Pomeranians for dog shows" is visible to other people, so they can say, "what's it like, w/ all those little yappers underfoot?" or whatever.

(kidding--Pomeranians are cute)


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