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Both my DDs have their Bdays on Mother's day weekend. DD#2 on Saturday, DD#1 on Sunday.

Long story short, tradition has been that I will either cook a dinner of their choice for them (and a few friends) or take them out to dinner.

DD#2 opted for a back yard BBQ and asked for some really yummy hamburgers, homemade french fries and a lot of "different" appetizers. There is some BG reasons for her guest list to be a bit larger than just a few, but suffice it to say the guest list is about 10-15 people.

So I thought about doing a variety of sliders in the oven.* I won't do the french fries because you need to eat them hot. Once they get cold or sit out for a while FFs are just no good any more.

So here's my tentative menu:

4 pans of sliders (each pan serving 9-12 sliders, so 4 pans would serve 4 sliders/personish)

--1 pan beacon/mushroom

--1 pan jalapeno/jack cheese (I know my audience, this will be appreciated)

--1 pan bbq style (with sauce mixed in the meat and covered with extra sauce, but this one is iffy to me. I know DD#1 loves bbq sauce. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.)

--1 pan plain ol' burgers with cheese on the side

--lettuce, onions, tomatos, ketchup, mustard, buns, etc.

*I'm thinking of making the burgers a day ahead and then warming them the day of in order to serve them all at one time. Or would you stage this by cooking a pan or two, then a half hour later serving another fresh batch of different variety?

--Potato salad and coleslaw or cucumber salad

--Guacamole, salsa and chips

--Tray of fresh fruits

--Crab stuffed mushrooms

--I'm stuck on other appetizer ideas. Any thoughts?

Party time will be from 2:00 till whenever. I'm planning on serving the burgers and salads around 3:30ish/4:00. Apps will be on the table when guests arrive.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? would be greatly appreciated.

On to the next day Bday party dinner . . . which will be much smaller (5? people) since it's also Mother's Day and will happen after DD#1 takes me out for a mani-pedi ;D

DD#1 asked for extra yummy burgers and homemade french fries. :o I had to tell her that's exactly what DD#2 asked for. Word for Word! So we decided on BBQ pork steaks. I asked her what else she would like and she said "I don't care, think of something yummy!" . . . Me? I'm thinking leftovers. :-[

I'll do the french fries, order extra thick pork steaks and serve the leftover salads, etc. Is that good enough?

edited to add a letter.

How old are the guests?  I'm thinking if they are kids or teens, I don't think mushroom on the burgers will be too popular, nor crab stuffed mushrooms.  Are your daughters teens?  Adults?  I think that makes a difference for the burger choices.

DD#1 will be 22 and DD#2 will be 20.

Your menus sound yummy, and you seem very well organized.

I think that you need to make another side for Sunday, or have the ingredients to throw something together.  There's always the possibility that there won't be sufficient left overs, or that something could happen to make them inedible.  You could try adding something like baked beans or baked penne, so that the leftovers could be frozen.  If you had a bag of romaine and some veggies you could throw a salad of whatever size you needed together quickly, also.   

I'd cook all of the burgers a day ahead and then warm up the next day.  Since they're sliders I think you should serve a variety so that people can mix and match. 

Meatballs are always an easy choice.  I've also found that sweet potato fries tend to hold up better than regular fries when they get cold. 


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