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Food ideas?

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various skewers or kabobs: chicken, beef, veggie with teriyaki or satay sauce
Different flavored chicken wings. You can bake them rather than fry them
bacon wrapped potatoes
Pasta salad

The beef tenderloin idea is a good one.  You can also do pork and chicken as well

Thanks everyone! :)

Also, if anyone has any vegan ideas (or vegan alternatives to traditional reception fare), please feel free to throw them out there as well. At least one person I'm inviting is a strict vegan, and I think it would be pretty crappy hosting to say the least, provided she is able to make it, for her to fly 2,000 miles to eat lettuce!  :P

Chinese boxes of salads - caesar or cold rice salads come to mind.

Vegan apps:

I don't know if you can get Linda McCartney products where you are, but they do vegan friendly sausages (some other brands use egg or dairy derivatives). They do sausage rolls as well, which have always gone down well whenever I have served them.

Felafels are usually suitable for vegans (they are chickpea based and are quite useful for adding protein I've always thought of them as vegan meatballs!)

Garlic mushrooms are quite popular too- make the garlic butter with non-dairy margarine and then add to the mushrooms and bake. These are only suitable if you are providing forks as they are too messy for finger food.

Look at some of your other recipes- can you sub non-dairy margarine for butter and make them vegan? Some of your sandwiches might be suitable for your friend with some minor subs.

The only other tip I would give is to make sure there is no hidden meat or dairy- even if you just put a meat garnish or sprinkle over a bit of grated cheese it will signal to your friend that it is unsuitable. Also. if it is just one friend, give her a quick guided tour of the buffet so she knows what's what.

Supplies can be found at either health food shops, in the "Free From" section of supermarkets, and kosher food stores- although remember that dairy free kosher food may contain other non-vegan items such as eggs and honey- nevertheless they will often stock food suitable for vegans.

Lastly, make sure you read the labels on any food items carefully. Dairy can come in in various forms such as whey, lactose etc. Eggs can be added to vegetarian food as a binder. Refined sugar may not be suitable in some countries due to differing processes in manufacturing. Check out with your local vegan society.

My go-to vegan appetizer is guacamole because it's naturally vegan and delicious.
Another idea for something different is banana chips with chimichurri sauce. Here's a typical recipe for the sauce.


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