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Garden Goblin:
In some schools, you can't actually do your assignments without those aforementioned 'expensive electronics'.  Some schools now put all their textbooks on kindles, for example.

When I'm on campus, my laptop is with me.  I need it for various classes, and work on it between classes.

While my son is on campus, the school stands in loco parentis.  That does mean they are assuming responsibility for his safety.  If they cannot do so, that is their problem and they need to work on that.  'Because a bully might take it' is not an acceptable reason to deny anyone, child or adult, the ability to have their personal possessions with them.  Protecting children from bullies is part of the school's responsibility and if the school cannot handle that responsibility, the school needs to rethink its policies and procedures.  It's no more acceptable to say 'you can't have your headphones because a bully might take them' than it is to say 'you can't wear your hair long because a bully might pull it'.  Schools need to actually do something about bullying behavior rather than blame the victims and expect the victims to accommodate the bad behavior.

If the school forces the child or adult to be separated from their possessions, such as leaving them in another area or putting them in lockers, the school is therefore assuming responsibility for those items.  If the school cannot handle that responsibility, that too, is the problem of the school.  Security cameras are not that expensive.

A student taking something expensive to school is a bit more complex than that. What if you take the bullying aspect out and it's only about accidents that can happen that can result in it breaking or being damaged, or an expensive item that can be simply misplaced without being stolen. There's also taking an expensive item to and from school and the various risks, like the kids who are beaten up for wearing expensive basketball boots around their neck to show they have them.

And this is even before we go into things like class disruption.

It's a minefield and you can totally see why schools just tell students not to bring in anything expensive, and if they have to to leave it at the office.

Regarding security cameras: They had a "Luann" comic strip a few months ago where Crystal lied to the resident bully that the school had installed security cameras. Okay, it might not fool him forever, but at that point it was more than halfway through their senior year. Wonder if a bluff like that would work in real life. Probably not.  ::)

I think the main problem is not that something expensive was stolen, it was that something was stolen and in a lot of cases the school/teacher refuses to do something.
I don't care if it was an Ipad, an expensive something required to do the work or a 5$ plastic ring - if a student goes to a professor or the administration because something of his was stolen, the right answer is to do something, not tell them to work it out. That's the same thing as telling a bullied student to work it out with the bully.

If an adult has something stolen he goes to the authority, the police, that's a fundamental right in a constructed society - and the school is denying this right to the student because it doesn't want to deal with it.
If it's a problem with cannot deal with it then it's still their job to call the police or advice the student and his parents on the procedure to follow, with the police.

"Don't bring something expensive, it might get stolen" is a cautionary phrase, it's to protect the school against liability.
Yes, if they do say it/write it/make it known, it's not the job of the school to replace or protect expensive things (and I don't think it would be even if it wasn't stated).
BUT, It's still the job of the school to actually run a school, and that means consequences for lawfull behaviour.
Or you end up with "Don't bring anything to school, it might get stolen, even if it's the clothes on your back and the lunch you carry, we don't care".


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