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My husband and I were recently invited to a wedding for a distant cousin of his across the country that we're unable to attend. We promptly RSVP'd via their website but I'm curious about the gift etiquette here... The wedding isn't until mid June, and we're planning on buying them a gift off their registry (which will wrap and send the gift directly to them along with a card)-should we wait until closer to the wedding date to send it or is now ok? (My husband and I eloped so I have almost no experience with wedding etiquette).

Two weeks before is what I usually do. Lots of time for UPS to mess up, not too much time for them to forget about it with all the other stuff to think about, and enough time for them to get the thank you note out of the way if they choose.

I've always felt the sooner the better.

It shows you're enthused about the marriage, even if you can't attend the wedding. Gifts that show up early may get more notice that those that arrive in the time crunch before the wedding.

You'll also have more to choose from on the registry.

And you'll give the happy couple a head start on thank you notes.

I send it after. Months after.

Not because that's proper, but because I'm lazy and unsentimental.

I received wedding gifts after the wedding, which was in fact a total surprise because we too essentially eloped and I wasn't expecting any. In theory, I would send gifts after as well though, because sometimes things happen and weddings don't go through on the day. If they are having a gift opening then I would probably arrange to have the gift delivered on time for that.


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