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Your Money is Invited, You Are Not

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--- Quote from: z_squared82 on April 28, 2014, 08:35:11 AM ---What gets my goat is that these are her sister’s friends. If her sister has contact with them on any kind of regular basis, sister is probably going to bring up to her friends that her little sister is getting married.

Greed blinded her common sense (and I hope all those friends send cards…without money).

--- End quote ---

Exactly. My sister got married 2 years ago. My best friend knew because I had mentioned it, and chose to send a card. My sister and BIL also chose to send a card to my friend when she married earlier this year. It was not expected on wither side that a card would be sent, still less a gift, but the cards were appreciated in both cases.

Now, where is that jaw-dropping emoticon? I don't seem to be able to find it.  I'll use this in its place, which only partially conveys my opinion on this letter.

Love the title of this thread; it says it so perfectly.

I love Judith Martin's style, but it likely goes over the heads of most of the people who need her advice.

As we have often said here, there is no such thing as a Polite Gimme Pig.


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