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Use of gift registries by guests

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I put this in the wedding section, because registries are most common with weddings, but this situation could be applied to any gift registry situation.

This is not intended to be a debate about gift registries.  I think itís safe to say that there are many and varied feelings about them amongst us here.

The questions is, if there is a gift registry, how should people use it, so as not to be rude to others who might want to use it?


Guest A has decided that they would like to spend $500 on a gift.
Guest B has decided that they would like to spend $40 on a gift.

Guest A gets to the registry first and decides that rather than only buying one thing, they would like to really dazzle the gift recipient by purchasing multiple things from the registry, so that the recipient will receive many boxes of gifts from them.  Guest A goes about choosing 15 things from the registry, varying in price from $20 to $100.

Guest B gets to the registry later on and there are no gifts left for $40 or under.

Was Guest A rude?

No, and never was guest B. This is why you have a variety if options, but it would be uncommon for one guest to eat them all up.

Guest B could advise the couple of this if they're not aware and they can go in and update the registry. Something like "I'm trying to give you a gift off your registry but there doesn't seem to be many options left".

I will say that I'd be annoyed if I found out Guest A bought all the lower-priced things. Whether I was the recipient or another guest. It would just seem sort of "hoggy."
   As the recipient, I'd be disappointed, bcs it would probably mean that fewer things from the registry would be given, period. But I personally wouldn't be -that- disappointed, bcs I don't invest too much in the registry.

But technically, these are just suggestions of stuff the recipient would like, but I don't think you can officially say Guest A was rude.

I have a personal opinion that gifts under, oh, $20 shouldn't be on the registry. It just feels really micromanage-y to me. Maybe the things where the pattern matters, like kitchen towels in exactly the right coordinating color.

Guest A was not rude. And it's not like Guest B is going to know that one person bought all those things for their gift anyway. For all Guest B knows, 12 different guests each bought something for $40 each.

And this is why some wedding professionals say to keep an eye on your registry and if, suddenly, there is nothing left in the less than $50 range, add some more items.

I sort of object to that idea. I don't think it's the responsibility of the gift recipient to provide an endless shopping list.


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