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Blog posts in RSS feed coming up 404


Fairly regularly a post will come up in my RSS reader from the bog site, but when I click on it I get a 404 notice. At first I thought maybe it was a test post or had been deleted for some reason. Now it is happening pretty regularly.  The last one  that did this read

When Dad And Deadlines Clash[/size][/size]After my divorce, I moved in with my widowed father. The house now belongs to me. It is in my name, all notarized with my father, my brother and me. In the notarized document, of course, my father has the right to live in the house until he dies. He has been difficult to live [][/url][/color][/font]

What occasionally happens is that I create a blog post and instead of scheduling it to appear on a specific date, I forget and click on "Publish".   This promptly publishes it to the blog so I then just as quickly reschedule it to the proper date.   For some reason a few readers will see the header/title and when they click on it, it gives them that 404 error because technically the post has not been published yet.   That is what happened with the "When Dad and work deadlines clash" post.   


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