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I think Aunt and Aunt's mother should have told the bride that they would not be attending the meal, because it was rude and wasteful not to let her know. Otherwise, I think Aunt's behavior was silly, but I'd prefer what she chose to do over her making a huge, repeated stink about the boys not being invited to the ceremony/reception.

I really don't understand why people think that they are entitled to bring their children to adult functions. When I was growing up it was common for wedding receptions to be for adults and children who were high school age or older. There were some where younger children were also invited, but the parents knew that because the children were included on the invitation.

It was not necessary for anyone to have to be informed that children weren't invited. They knew their children weren't invited because, well, they weren't invited.

If the two boys didn't require special attention or care it seems a bit PA to not entrust them to the kids club and enjoy the wedding. It's not because they're aunt's kids, it's because they're kids, a choice the HC made and is entitled to, not the end of the world or a personal snub.
But it's still better than kicking up a fuss..

Did it took the aunt 5 months to realize the kids couldn't be at the ceremony?

It sounds to me like the aunt was trying to look like a martyr or something,  Instead she was rude for not informing the bride and groom that she and her mother would not be attending dinner and likely looked foolish when she observed from a distance as though she hadn't been invited.

If there was lots of word of mouth about children not being invited to the wedding or the reception I doubt she was confused.


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