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Author Topic: DD may not get birthday wishes  (Read 13910 times)

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Re: DD may not get birthday wishes
« Reply #45 on: May 28, 2014, 10:20:02 AM »
DD will have a mini golf party with her friends prior to the family BBQ.

Nieces will not be invited.  We are not quite ready to cut the IL's out just yet.  DH has pulled back from them though and I have done the same.  Normally I will call a few times a week to check in or chat, but since they have not returned my last 2-3 messages, I haven't spoken to them in about two weeks.  I don't plan on calling this week either.

When I call to invite them to the BBQ, providing MIL is feeling well enough to come, that will determine the relationship from here on out.  If she is able to come and willing to graciously accept that nieces are not invited *this particular time* then we will continue to try and include them in DD and our lives.  If they put a huge fuss and try to guilt trip us, then I am done, polite but distant and uninvolved in their drama anymore.
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