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Is this icky?

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I regularly give blood, and when you do, you get a little sticker ( I'm sure it's pretty common). It's about 1.5 inches in diameter, says 'Be nice to me! I gave blood today!', has my states blood bank logo on it, and also features Captain Hemoglobin, who is a drop of blood wearing a cape.
I'm a server in a restaurant, and I wear the sticker to work on the days that I give. Last night one of my coworkers said 'Ew! No one wants to be reminded of blood when they're eating!' I guess that never occurred to me!

So, is it icky to wear the sticker?

Not icky, IMO. And thanks for giving blood.

Outdoor Girl:
If you were my server, it wouldn't bother me at all.

But then, I was a regular donor before they decided they didn't want my blood anymore.

No, it is definitely not icky. I think that customer was being a little special.

Wouldn't bother me at all.  Your coworker has issues, I think.


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