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You should never post a picture of your child online...

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I frequently use old pictures of my son as my profile picture on a social networking site. These pictures are at least 8 years old. I've been told by several near strangers that would make my son a target of child predators.

My information is not public, my address is not public, and my son is pretty aware of the world at 15. What would you say?

I have generally just cut ties with people who have commented in such a way.

How does your son feel about it?

That's the only opinion that should matter in this case, imho.

He likes it. He enjoys seeing pictures of himself on that site and has his own membership, which he got when he turned 13. He posts his own pictures on his profile.

I have pictures of my kids on mine. My profile is set to friends only.

If you're using decent privacy settings and your son is ok with it, I'd say feel free to ignore the warning comments. You might wanna try a classic "so kind of you to take an interest" ;)


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