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How to avoid mailing your wedding invitations....Facebook it!

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Team HoundMom:
You guys will have a field day with this one.

You know how Facebook "privacy" settings are so lax that you can see when someone has been tagged in a photo?  Well get this.  Today I saw a friend had been tagged in a photo of a wedding invitation with the caption "Some invites are way late so going to tag people in this pic lol."

Then a comment on the pic: "For all of you who have not received an invite to my big brother's wedding, it's because we don't have your address or phone numbers!!! We really hope you can all come and spend this special day with us!"

Yep.  They took a photo of their wedding invitation, posted it so everyone can see, and tagged the people they want to invite. 

Nevermind the people who have not been tagged so they're obviously not invited......or the fact that hundreds or possibly thousands of people now know when & where a wedding is taking place which will most likely have lots of booze and monetary gifts on the premises.

What could possibly go wrong?

I worked with a woman whose sister addressed all of her wedding invitations to herself, but put the guest's name in the return address section of the envelope and droppped them in mail boxes all over town with no postage.  The post office ended up "returning" them to the guests.  This was back in the 80's.

Oh, and you didn't even mention the part about how a third party is inviting people to someone else's wedding

Team HoundMom:

--- Quote from: EllenS on May 13, 2014, 11:26:27 AM ---Oh, and you didn't even mention the part about how a third party is inviting people to someone else's wedding

--- End quote ---

I know eh.

It looks like the original picture was posted by the Groom and the comment is from his sister.

I'm mostly surprised they didn't just create a Facebook event. I mean, if you want to invite people using Facebook, why not use the function that Facebook already has for that? Plus, you can make it so only invited guests can see the event. Too much effort to set up the event page or something?


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