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Help - how do you "sink" registries on wedding web site? (and more)

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I'm not sure what heading this should go under, but anyway --

My daughter has a (very nice! she did a great job) wedding web site.  It's a WeddingChannel site.  But I noticed that the names of the 3 stores where she is registered appear, indented, along the left margin where all the links to sub-pages are.  (I didn't articulate that well, but if you have seen these web sites, I think you know what I mean.)  Because the list of stores is indented, it is even more conspicuous.

I mentioned to her that as I understand it, it is an etiquette no-no to have the stores' names on the front page of a wedding web site.  (Actually, the same menu appears on every page.)  I told her that it seems to be an extension of the rule that you never give out registry information unless or until asked, and that the guests' clicking on the "registries" tab is the equivalent of asking.

She tried to fix it, but she couldn't.  In fact, now it's even worse: the store names don't appear at first, but pop up after about one second, so the eye is absolutely drawn to them.  The "registries" link doesn't work properly anyway -- all you see if you click on it is a few photos of items they registered and then two spinning icons that presumably mean that the site is trying unsuccessfully to display the links.  So something is definitely wrong.

My question is, how do you remove something from the menu on the left?

And while I'm here, I have two more web site related questions that I would love to have answers to her before I give her feedback (yes, she asked me to!) on the site:

- Can you put whatever you want on the menu tabs on the left, or do you have to choose from pre-written ones?  Like, can you put "For our out of town guests" or something?

- What do you think about photos of dishes, etc. on the registries page?  I probably won't say anything to her about it anyway, but I'm curious what your impression would be.


The answers are probably specific to the WeddingChannel software. Do they have a help section?

That's going to be really specific to the format for WeddingChannel. Can their tech support help?

Some of these things are built into the template and they don't let the individual change them.  One possibility would be to take all the store registry info out of the preset fields where she entered it, so basically you'd be telling the site "I'm not registered anywhere".  Then if you can create a customized page called "FYI" "FAQ's" or something, you could paste direct links to the store's registry page into it.

However, I'm not sure they would let you do this. Part of the way sites like WeddingChannel work is by their affiiate relationships to big registry stores.

Re: the registry info:
Some of this might be specific to the website service she is using. They may have written a script that automatically inserts the stores by pulling them out of the "holes" they've been plugged into on the registry page.

Hopefully someone with experience with WeddingChannel websites will chime in.

As far as etiquette goes, you can organize your page any way you want; there's no etiquette I've -ever- run into that says anything about wording on the website. So if the site will let you change the wording, you can do anything you want.

Once someone gets to the registry page, I think photos are fine. In fact, it might be sort of nice for people who want to springboard off the registry to get something else. They can get a quick sense of what the couple's tastes are.
  I mean, I guess a person wouldn't really want it to look like an advertisement, but I don't think it's the most horrible thing. And maybe a headline like, "A Sense of Our Style" would help. And maybe if your DD can choose what goes there, she can pick stuff that demonstrates how modern/floral/lacey/traditional they are.
   I also think it's fine to put something there as a way to subliminally indicate that they'd -really- like to complete their china set.

I used for my site and all of those things were not problems there. It is quite customizable within the available themes--all titles are editable, for one. There are a few different sites out there that offer a larger degree of customization (though I agree with Yvaine that the Weddingchannel help page is probably the best place to go for help with that site, if she's "wedded" to using it).

I wouldn't put "stuff" photos on my registry page, but I don't think it's necessarily tacky.

(We chose to mention a charity that was important to us prominently on the page about gifts, including a relevant photo, and put our single registry down below in smaller font. I don't recall exactly what we titled the page, but it wasn't "Registry" and the names of any places certainly weren't in the main menu bar.)


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