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Rihanna is a horrible person

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Short version: A 16 year old girl wore a version of an unusual Rihanna outfit to her Hollywood-themed junior prom, because she is (was) a huge fan and admired her style.  She posted a picture of herself on Instagram, and it was widely mocked.  Bad enough for random strangers, but then RiRi had to jump into the act and post her own insults.

Really?  A supposedly adult woman, who is fawned over and idolized for her physical appearance, and she has to mock a 16 year old girl? She was somehow threatened by a teenager who dared try to imitate her? Nasty, horrible woman.

rose red:
I am not surprised. She always give off a mean vibe to me and this is one more confirmation.

No question she's an unpleasant person. This just confirms it.

Alternate perspective:


--- Quote from: FoxPaws on May 15, 2014, 07:47:08 PM ---Alternate perspective:

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I took it the same way. I thought the sad face was meant as "People are making fun of this girl's outfit? I wore it too.  :(" except I'm not sure what the "IG" and "Real Life" captions mean?


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