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Model competes for the most inappropriate funeral attire award.

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Apologies to all non-Australian e-hellions; here's the gist:

Tom Hafey was an Australian sports legend who died recently, and a funeral was held for him at one of Melbourne's biggest sporting grounds. Geoffrey Edelsten, a billionaire not known for good taste, propriety or picking partners with good taste, brought a date wearing this:

At least it's black, and a dress. But apart from that  :o

To quote James Bond: "My, thats a cute little nothing you're almost wearing".

It sort of looks like she was wearing that to get attention. It is possible he wants attention too (from the media, public, etc.) and that's why he brought her.

Either that or he has found his soulmate - someone with the same bad taste in clothing as he has. :P

I dunno, maybe Tom Hafey would've liked it. Like Marga said, at least it's black. Definitely not what I would wear but I've seen people showing up looking worse. Just wondering, isn't it cold in Australia this time of year?


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