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Save the Dates - Include Hotel Information?

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Texas Mom:
A friend's DD is planning her wedding for a year from now - about half of the guest list will be from out of town.

A group discussion was held at coffee about whether to block hotel rooms before the STDs are sent & to include lodging information in that mailing.

The group was split
- some thought it was overkill, since the invitations will be sent out 8 weeks before the wedding, giving out of town guests plenty of time to plan their trip
- some thought it was a great idea, since it lets the guests plan their trip in advance.

Yea or Nay, e-hell?

I think hotel info at save-the-date time is overkill.

But I know that guests asks about it! Poor brides and grooms. The moment guests hear about a wedding, they immediately think, "what does that mean for me? Gift and hotel room."  And they immediate ask about registry and hotel room.

But that doesn't mean they deserve an answer the moment they ask. The coule needs time to pull that together. It can come later.

Of course, if the venue is going to be crowded (holiday weekend, special event), then of course getting the info out extra early may be important. But barring any sort of special thing like that, I think it's unnecessary to have that in the save-the-date.

I can tell you that none of the save-the-date designs I saw (and I used to see a lot of them) had anything but date and town. (couple's' name, of course)

That's enough in normal circumstances.

I work in the hotel industry. The bride needs to talk to the hotel and find out what they say. At two months out at my hotel the room block is often closed and late comers are stuck with rack.

It depends on the hotel. I had some friends get married at the Ahwanee Hotel in Yosemite. That place books up easily a year in advance. I'm sure that they had to reserve their blocks then. I don't recall if they had it on an SDT, though.

One STD I received had a line that read something like: Please visit our website at for details on travel and lodging and wedding weekend activities.

That makes sense to me. Not everyone getting the STD will need all that info, and putting it on the STD could make the STD long and unwieldy. But letting people know where they can get the info is always useful.


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