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s/o of Millinery - blatant violation of a dress code

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So, I'm not saying anything to the violator, as it's not my place.

Every four months, senior management of Megacorp sends us the dress code.  Business casual, with examples of what the means.  Amongst the items specifically banned: sandals for men, leggings as pants for women and flip flops for all.  The repetition is a little insulting at this point, as we all seem to be on board.  Or so I thought.

After the last send out, our team's admin assistant immediately started wearing flip flops to work.  And socks with Crocs.  She is otherwise always dressed appropriately.

I'm several positions above her, but she doesn't report to me directly.  The manager hasn't said anything to her and it really doesn't impact me in any way shape or form. 

Is flouting a rule like this rude? Even if it really has no impact on anyone else's day to day actions?  Is it just annoying?

To keep myself from becoming a petty tyrant, I tell myself that she has a medical issue that requires those kinds of shoes (it's not true, but it helps keep me in check).


--- Quote ---After the last send out, our team's admin assistant immediately started wearing flip flops to work.
--- End quote ---

It sounds like she's making a protest statement!

I've heard great things about Crocs for arch support.  My first thought was perhaps it could be medical.  (Are the flip flops real flip flops or do they appear to be an orthopedic substitute?)

Outdoor Girl:

--- Quote from: Morty'sCleaningLady on May 28, 2014, 10:06:08 AM ---I've heard great things about Crocs for arch support.

--- End quote ---

I don't find that to be true.  I love my Crocs; they are fantastic for the garden and for camping but the support is definitely lacking.  I'd much rather wear good hikers with my orthotics for arch support.

Unless there was a doctor's note (or it was understood by management to be a medical issue), in my workplace someone who was obviously violating the dress code would be sent home to change.

Several years ago I had an achilles tendon injury and had to wear an old running shoe with the heel cut-away for a couple of weeks. But with my obvious limp and the proper shoe on the other foot, it was clear that it was some kind of medical issue and no one said anything except one manager who asked what I had done to my foot.

But the employee who had confused nightclub attire with workplace attire was sent home right away. But did not leave the building before going office to office in a passive-aggressive huff asking everyone who was not a manager: "Is this inappropriate for the office???" (She was disappointed that the answer was a unanimous "Yes, that's utterly inappropriate.")


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