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  • December 11, 2017, 06:01:09 AM

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Author Topic: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West invite Andrea Bocelli to their wedding as "a guest"  (Read 10506 times)

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I've never seen any of the Kardashian shows, and I can't stand Kanye "I have more ego than the rest of the world combined" West, however...

The article makes it sound like Bocelli expected to be a guest and it was sprung on him that he'd be expected to sing, yet other articles (a quick google tells me) say he sang as she walked down the aisle. Surely he knew that was the plan, what song she wanted, etc. I can't imagine having someone like that to sing at my wedding and not inviting them to stay. As far as payment, that's something that would have been worked out long before the wedding. Even if he had his people contact her people and they all agreed payment would be made after the wedding, something is going to be in writing if he's to be paid. It'll be interesting to see if he issues any type of statement about this.

Exactly. I can't imagine that the HC, who seem to be quite obsessive about details, would leave this to the last minute. What if he had a sore throat and didn't inform them until the day? Or, like Bieber, decided not to come at the last minute? Kanye made his name as a performer, and would know that if he wants a good performance, rehearsal, or at least preparation, is necessary.

I would love for someone to ask the Smiths why the heck their son was allowed to wear a ridiculous costume to a wedding. Unless there's a lot more to that story and the Bride and Groom actually requested it for some reason, that comes off as a brat kid begging for the spotlight. Which makes me wonder why Bieber wasn't there since that's usually his role.  :P

Agreed, and there's something oddly immature in such behaviour for a teen who has already headlined a movie. He should be happy to dress like an adult, rather than like a three year old in a superhero phase. One hopes it's simply a joke gone wrong, not an indicate that he's the next child star going off the rails.
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For two people like Kardashian & West to treat someone of the caliber of Bocelli like a hired hand (not even a glass of water?) is beyond words.  He was probably the only true "celebrity" attending - the rest are flavors of the month that will be forgotten. 


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For two people like Kardashian & West to treat someone of the caliber of Bocelli like a hired hand (not even a glass of water?) is beyond words.  He was probably the only true "celebrity" attending - the rest are flavors of the month that will be forgotten.

Eh, you're assuming it's true, though. The way this story is written, it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of it turns out to be fake, taken out of context, or misunderstood.


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Meh, clearly not the kind of wedding I'd like to go to, but also clearly not the kind of people I'd like to be close to.
There's probably more to it than just this article says (and I'm not going to bother looking for other articles) so we can't know for sure what really hapenned (and what Bocelli did/thought) vs what the tabloid says Bocelli did/thought.

But yikes, train wreck in making! asking for 30 statues to be made with a 4 days delay? Misspelled names and guests that came with uninvited plus ones. Throwing a fit toward a light and cutting the light to the only bathroom? (I blame staff on this one, after the bridezilla fit it was their job to ensure light in the bathroom/out of Kim face).
Did anything go right in the end?


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Here's a thought. In the future, follow the advice from a mod in order to avoid getting the thread locked.
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