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Victim Of Fate:
Okay, I am at my wits' end, but my roommate insists that I am overreacting.  >:(

I have a Netflix account, that I pay for. As you may know, with Netflix, you pay for an account, and can then apply it to a number of devices. I have my laptop, my tablet, my cellphone, and my PS3. The problem is, my PS3 is in the living room, where it is attached to the TV (the TV is also mine, but it is used communally). The Playstation 3 is also used communally, and my roommate has his own profile set up on the device.

Now, I have Netflix set up on the PS3, under my profile name. My roommate does not have a Netflix account, but he will go into my profile and watch films on my account when I am out. This means that my Netflix recommendations are often based on his viewing habits. He insists that this is not a big deal and won't stop doing it. Netflix doesn't offer any way of stopping this outside of me signing out every time I finish using it. I have set him up a profile on my account so that at least he won't affect my recommendations, but he sometimes forgets to switch to it. Am I overreacting, and what should my response be?

If you have no issue with him using the service, and the only issue is that he doesn't switch to his subaccount so you're recommendations are affected, then yes, I think you are over reacting.  I have netflix and like anything on the web, even sometimes searching a movie or watching one "not the usual genre" film will affect my recommendations.  At Christmas I buy gifts on amazon for other people and then suddenly my recommendations are totally out of whack.  I think you need to let this go, if this is the worst problem your roommate poses.  Or, change your password so he can't log in to  your account and is forced to use his subaccount (if that is how it works, I am not familiar with subaccounts in netflix.)

I know that's it a pain to sign out every time, but I would.
Your roomie is being an entitled pain, he is using your stuff for free, tv, ps3, and Netflix account, and refuses to do you the small service of using his own profile.
The profile that is also free!
I would tell him this, and warn him that I will be blocking his access, because he's being a mooch.
Either he starts being more considerate, or no more freebies.

He's using all your electronics, plus your Netflix, for free, and he doesn't want to use his own profile? He's rude.

But I would just go ahead and log out.

It is very rude of him to just communicate the idea: "nah, I'm not going make an effort because I don't think it should bother you".  That's rude.  He's using your account for free.  I even think it's borderline rude that he has never offered to help pay for the subscription.  I'd probably brush off the offer, but he should at least make an offer if he's watching it regularly. 

However, there is a difference between technically rude and worth fighting about.  I don't think this is worth fighting about so I'd probably try to find a way to let it go mentally.


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