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Author Topic: Moving Tips  (Read 5941 times)

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Re: Moving Tips
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The one move I particularly remember is the one where my military father called my mother on Monday and told her we had to be ready to move from Georgia to Kansas on Thursday.  In the same week.  We were ready.  My mother had always been a force to be reckoned with, and now she had three older children and an infant.  I remember she hung up the phone, said, "Oh (unladylike word)," then got to work.  Since we lived in our own mobile home that was going to be moved we didn't have to pack a lot of things, but this involved sealing closets and drawers, bolting down appliances and beds, etc.  One thing Mom did was pack a box full of baby items and put it in the car so that it wouldn't be accidentally packed in the trailer.  The Air Force sent people to brace the appliances and seal the closet doors, etc. and once they were sealed we couldn't unseal them.  I don't remember a lot of that move (I was 8) but one thing I do remember is that I lost one of my shoes in Mississippi, and the driver of the truck pulling our trailer found it and gave it back to me in Kansas.  Meanwhile I'd spent the whole trip wearing my sister's slippers.