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We are vacationing at a time share resort next month.  We rented the unit through groupon and was assured in writing that we had no obligation to attend a sales pitch.  I also called and confirmed with the manager of the resort  ( can you tell I worry about stuff ).

I've heard that what they do is check you in and make you see the concierge for your key.  The concierge is very hard sell about attending a meeting and tends to hold up the key.  We will have been driving for 14 hours. 

I plan to say - no thank you - give me my key.  ( rinse and repeat ).  If they refuse to take no for an answer - I imagine my best bet is to get the person's name and contact corporate when I leave. 

Maybe it won't be that bad - but I imaging myself being travel weary and having a hassle at check in.  Any strategies - I can use.  Note - I am not trying to get out of an obligation - I would never book a timeshare with one of the special discounts. This is essentially a rental from an owner.

Would it be worthwhile to say "We have been driving for 14 hours and are exhausted. We need to take showers and rest. If you do not give us the key immediately, then I need to talk to your manager or get your name and call the manager of the resort, because we were assured by her/him that we could get our key and go immediately to our rooms."?

A few phrases like "withholding a service I paid for" or "not providing the service contracted" may help. If he is not giving you your key, he is not holding up his end of the contract. Print out the coupon (which has all the conditions), the emails assuring you don't have to sit through the sales presentation and have corporate's number on hand. Just to show him that you are not going to be bulldozed into it.

Don't wait until you are leaving to get the person's name. By then, you will already have had the aggravation. Use it as leverage to get your key.

I have a timeshare and they even make the owners try to sit through another presentation - as if I need another.  Just got back from vacation (traded in our week to go to different resort) and they had assigned concierges, too, who they tried to make you think were there to help you, but were just salespeople.  Luckily, we just avoided his knocking and disregarded the notes he left and that was that. 

If one wouldn't give me my key, I'd just raise a stink.  If you can muster it - and after the long drive, that may be tough - I would recommend being direct.  Just ask for the key, say you are tired and not interested in any information or presentations.  Don't hesitate to interrupt after that and get more assertive in requesting your key - not rude when he's in sales mode if he's holding up your key.  Whatever you do, don't cave out of fatigue and agree to anything.  Just ask for your key and if that doesn't work, demand it - loudly, if need be.

For the record, I've never heard of anyone holding up a room key like that.  They may ask when you check in to make an appointment for a "welcome breakfast" or whatever - all euphemisms for sales pitch.  Just beg off.  I've imagined the worst, too, and was prepared to lie and say I was out of work, so leave me alone, but it never got that far.  Typically a stern "no thanks, not interested" or three works.

Thanks everyone, oh yeah - I would definitely come up with ia few short phrases  - breach of contract, involuntary conversion of assets and of course - being detained illegally .  DH has asked me not too  >:D

So - I am hoping it will be no biggie.   I do know not to take any free gifts, coupons, or even a paper cup of h20


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