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Facebook status discussions that become a back-and-forth between two people

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Okay, so here's something I've been wondering.  Sometimes I post something and get several responses, and respond to them, and a particular friend responds back, and then I say something, and she says something, and it continues with just the two of us talking (sometimes with the conversation meandering a bit from the original post).  This has also happened with somebody else's status, where several of us respond, she says something, I respond, and pretty soon it's just the two of us talking.

Especially since other people have "liked" or responded to the original post, some of them may be getting notifications for our continued conversation, plus the conversation ends up being very public.  It's never a private conversation that it's a problem to have publicly.

My question is, is this rude?  Does this drive other people crazy?  I know they can turn off notifications for a thread, but is that annoying to have to do?

At what point should the conversation be moved to PM?  As soon as two people have gone back and forth a couple of times and it's clear nobody else is still in the conversation?

I guess my main concern is that one particular friend that I seem to end up doing this with the most often is somebody who never seems to talk on PM/answer PMs, and she's an old friend that I've drifted apart from a bit and enjoy the contact that we maintain on FB.  If it weren't for that, I'd just decide, hey, I should just switch to PM as soon as it happens.

It's not rude to comment back and forth on your status.  It's your page, and you get to use it however you wish within Facebook's TOS.

If someone doesn't want to keep getting notifications, there's an option to "unfollow post."

If someone were to say that this was rude of you, I would say that my "excuse me for living" warning light is going off.

It's just one of the downsides of Facebook. Not every notification you get is for something you actually care about.

If it's on your own status, or the other person's own status, I wouldn't think anything of it - if others who liked or commented are sick of the notifications, it's easy enough to turn them off for that specific post.

However, if you and someone else are talking back and forth on a third person's status, I think that's rude, and the conversation should be moved elsewhere.

Unless the conversation is -about- the status in question.

I've had lots of fun conversations with the friends of my friends. And I've often enjoyed watching the conversation of others.


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