Author Topic: Do you line dry your laundry?  (Read 12589 times)

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Re: Do you line dry your laundry?
« Reply #210 on: September 28, 2014, 02:43:37 PM »
Barbecue would be a nice smell too! :)

I have a TINY yard, so no real room for a line (Ellie Bumstead is a largeish dog) that wouldn't get pollen/tree sap in my clean laundry, so we use the dryer for a lot of things, and what we can't, we hang on drying racks. we have a flat one, and then we just lately got a telescoping one that looks a bit like a coatrack. (the arms and feet fold out when in use. When not, it looks like a pogo stick with no handles) Hang shirts or pants on hangers, hang the hangers on the arms, put out the fan and voila!

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Re: Do you line dry your laundry?
« Reply #211 on: September 28, 2014, 04:23:40 PM »
We put our washing line up when the clocks go forward and take it down when they go back, because they way our house is placed, we get no winter sunshine in the garden, and very little wind, so other than in the summer, nothing will dry outside and the line is a nuisance to anyone going to the shed or mowing the lawn. I have been known, though, when we get a warm day in early spring or late autumn, to put as much as possible on the clothes horse and then carry that outside in a hopeful sort of manner.


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Re: Do you line dry your laundry?
« Reply #212 on: September 28, 2014, 04:47:19 PM »
I line dry bed linen , as I like how it's such a good way to air it out.

But we have a washer/dryer now. :) So much easier to get clean, dry clothes for DS now.


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Re: Do you line dry your laundry?
« Reply #213 on: September 30, 2014, 09:48:42 AM »
I line dry delicates indoors- no outdoor closeline. At home, my mom would dry some stuff outdoors for part of the year, but when temperatures drop to -60F/-51C in winter, it wasn't really practical to go wandering around outside with wet clothing.
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Re: Do you line dry your laundry?
« Reply #214 on: September 30, 2014, 01:28:41 PM »
When I was away at University and doing my own laundry for the first time, I would run out of clothes to wear, hike down the stairs from my 3rd floor dorm room to the basement (four flights, no lift!), cram as much as could fit into the top-loader unsorted, and wash. It's a wonder I didn't have any disasters, but my clothes weren't new so there was no risk of dye leeching, and I lived in tshirts, jeans and hoodies, so nothing requiring special treatment.

Now that I'm more grown-up and have the space, I still wear mostly tshirts, yoga pants, jeans, hoodies, with some nicer stuff as well. I sort my laundry as I remove it after wearing, into piles on the floor.
Load #1: Blacks/grays/browns/reds
Load #2: bright colours (mostly berry pinks, purples, blues, greens)
Load #3: Jeans
Load #4: Towels
Load #5: Bedding
Load #6: Dog blankets/towels

Delicates and hang-dry stuff goes into netted bags for easy identification. I have a larger black one, a white one, and a smaller one that I used to use for baby socks.

Whenever I see enough for a load, I toss one into my H.E. front-load washer. I wash most clothes in cold, towels, bedding and dog stuff in hot, all on a high-speed spin. I had a bar installed over the sink in my tiny laundry room (seriously, there's no room for a hamper in there, just enough to open the front-loading doors of the machines). I use hangers to hang all bras and several tops that are labeled line-dry, as well as many I just don't want to shrink. Some of my clothes have never seen the inside of the dryer, and are in better shape for it. I don't have an outside line (allergic to the outdoors anyway, sub-zero winters, and an HoA that forbids "permanent structures", as well as just no good place to put one, as the city walking trail goes by about 20 feet from the back of my house, and the main-floor deck doesn't have stairs to get down to the backyard anyway). Bedding, towels, dog stuff go into the dryer on low-heat in 25 minute cycles. If it's mostly dry, I remove it and hang over the hallway railing to finish. I hang as much as I can, sometimes giving a quick spin in the dryer to soften jeans. Since I keep the heat low in the winter to avoid atrocious bills, I have been known to toss my fleece blanket into the dryer for 10 minutes to warm it before wrapping up in it :)

One fun tip: When my father had air conditioning installed in one of our houses, he had a vent put in the bathroom floor under the towel bar, so the towels dried faster, and in the winter the heat would warm the towels, which was quite pleasant. :)