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If you are contacting her directly (as in, you managed to receive her *real* email address), then yes, I would mention the security risk. I would mention all the types of emails that you have been receiving and mention the messages that are providing you with those personal details. I would do this for yourself, because hopefully that will wake her up to how serious this is and that she needs to get on fixing this yesterday (hopefully the emails will stop sooner). I would also do this so that she knows all the places that she has made the error.

Any further action would depend on her response to that email.

I don't know if she thinks she has access to my email account. I doubt it. I suspect that she accidentally entered my email address once and now it is autofilling in. (Her other email address is probably

Thus far, I have received an e-ticket/boarding pass, a digital receipt with shipping and billing information, several emails about enrolling in a college (when I clicked on the link to Unsubscribe, I got taken to Jane's profile page, which included her home address and phone number), messages regarding rental properties, and a handful of savings club emails.

To clarify, I'm not overly concerned about responding to the senders. I'm wondering about how to tell Jane that she has been providing people with my email address instead of her own. (And yes, I have her real email address. I got it when she tried to link her new account with mine.)

Then maybe do a forward with those emails and in the subject put: WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS.

Then do a canned message and ask them to remove your email address from their system.  When she doesn't get the emails she's supposed to, she can call them up and figure it out. 

I like the idea of forwarding the real Jane one of the emails you received, preferably something important and/or personal, with the additional message, "I have been receiving emails meant for you for some time now. Please check that you are entering your address correctly." Or something like that. I think that would hit home for her the kind of thing you've been receiving, that she doesn't want out there.

You might want to put something in the subject that will catch her eye. I have my email set up to shunt all emails that are not from my safe list straight into Junk, and every couple of days I skim through that for the occasional real thing I need to rescue. So if this was you and me, your email would go to my junk mail folder, and I would probably think it was actual spam unless the subject intrigued me enough to open it.

If she seemed nice in her response, I might forward other emails to her--old ones that I'd kept, or the occasional new one to help her get things straightened out. That would be nice, above and beyond polite. Otherwise I would just keep deleting, maybe occasionally reply back to someone that they've got the wrong person.

So, the update is that I received another email intended for the other Jane Darling. This one was about real estate. I forwarded it to the OJD and asked her to check her record and replied to the sender telling them that they had the wrong email and asked them to check their records.

I did unsubscribe from all real estate lists but have received no responses. Have a couple more drifting in now and then for other things but will probably just tell them they have the wrong person and/or give them the new contact that I have. The probably is that if there are two Jane Darlings out there whose emails are going to me, I may wind up inundating one with the other's  mail.



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