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Men usually don't garden

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My DS has been doing tons of yard work, including lots of new plants.

My neighbor came over to see his progress.  She said, "Wow, it really looks good.  Men don't normally do garden work.  Don't tell him I said that."

I took a deep breath and said it!  I don't think she got it though because she just kept talking.

I said the same thing once, but I was six, and caught my mechanic uncle planting marigolds. I still remember how embarrassed I was when he corrected me. That episode inspired my lifelong interest in etiquette!

I had a neighbour who was utterly obsessed with his garden. His wife once told me that he always tried to rush Xmas lunch so he could go out and tend to the plants.

That's a really odd thing to say!  Men don't usually garden?  Where?

Growing up, my parents had a garden and so did a lot of our family friends.  And the husbands and wives were both equally doing the work!

Now, my husband is growing a vegetable garden for us, and he's doing 99.5% of the work because I don't want my bad luck with plants to rub off on his garden.

Men don't garden ? Is it only okay if it's called "farming" or "mowing the lawn" ?  ???


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