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POLL - Waitstaff kneeling by your table to take your order

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A recent story on the blog this week is the catalyst for this new poll.   In the "Bellini! Bellini!" post, the increasingly inebriated waitress took the customers' orders while kneeling at the table which a number of blog commenters viewed as unprofessional behavior.   What are your thoughts?

I feel like a "victim" of a quirky new gimmick.  We are not best buddies.  Please, just be polite and professional, and bring us some food.

Yup, I realize there is a study out there that suggests that it creates a friendly atmosphere, and possibly leads to larger food orders or a larger tip.  But I know your feet are killing you, and your knees don't need any additional stress as you squat or kneel to get at my eye level, and I'm still going to calculate 20% and round either up or down depending on the service.

Haven't seen this yet and hope I never do. I've seen kneeling as a sign of servitude and I would feel most uncomfortable if someone were kneeling "to" me!

It doesn't bother me. I've seen staff do it at chain restaurants and independent ones. Even at the chains some do and some don't.  Sometimes I think they do it to hear better.

I voted for the second option.

I don't like anyone I don't know getting too close to me and violating my 'bubble' and this would most definitely include those that I'm in a business transaction with!

I don't like it but I've never asked a server that has done this if they could please not kneel at the table. I wouldn't know how to without resultant awkwardness and DH hates the idea of doing *anything* that could affect his food.


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