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Author Topic: s/o Never Shopping - I'm never STAYING there again!!  (Read 19846 times)

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Re: s/o Never Shopping - I'm never STAYING there again!!
« Reply #120 on: Today at 07:27:24 AM »
I've done my fair share of traveling over the years.... lets see where I shall start:

*A hostel in London, England.  I understand the accommodation is very basic but it was worse than the college dorm I stayed at - they did not even offer a towel for the shower (and the website did not say you had to bring your own) and the rooms were a bit messy.  The live in front desk clerk was offended when I asked for my room key deposit of 5 quid back as you were entitled to it when checking out.  I think he was offended at the fact I had to get up at 630am to leave for the airport and wanted his snooze time instead.  Once I made it to Denmark to see my friend, she allowed me to take a shower before we went looking around after I told her my story of the hostel.  I've stayed at a few other hostels where the rooms were clean, you got a few towels to use for the shower rooms, the beds were decently comfortable, and the staff were far more helpful.

*A Knights Inn in Indiana.  I was driving back from a concert and was tired from driving plus I had a migraine.  At least I won't be going that direction any time soon as the room had some missing ceiling panels, the bathroom and stuff looked like it was from the 50's, and someone left behind a few scrabble magazines.  At least I got a decent night's sleep and felt better.

*A BnB in Belfast, Ireland.  The rooms were decent but they cut off the hot water for the showers after 10 am and didn't put it back til later in the evening.  My friend was not too happy with taking a cool / cold water shower not a hot shower as we had slept in late but I managed to get up and shower before the cut off time but he slept in longer than I did.  Next time I go to his hometown, I will get a hotel that will not cut off the hot water for showers for those who sleep in late after a night out on the town.

*A hotel in Mackinaw City, Michigan.  I can't remember the name but I won't stay there again.  The staff was not very helpful and the rooms were not very clean as they did not completely clean the room from the previous guest who had enough beer bottles there to stock a party store.  I dealt with it by spending more time in the casino in nearby St Ignace and walking around town before leaving Saturday morning to see my cousin who lived 2 hours away before I made my way home which was 3 hours from her home.  I would have sought out a different room but the area fills up fast for the weekend unless you book in advance in the summer time.  I got better service in the past from other hotels with far less amenities including a cheap place 2 hours away I stayed at that costed half the amount I paid at the bad hotel.


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Re: s/o Never Shopping - I'm never STAYING there again!!
« Reply #121 on: Today at 12:51:17 PM »
A now-defunct motel in Maryland, near Jessup. 

DH has a peculiar mix of skills such that his only viable employer is a particular branch of the FedGov, based in Maryland.  As such, we've had a number of moves to/from MD over the last 40 years.  On the last one (our much-lamented move from the UK back to MD) I came back early to go househunting.  So we were familiar with the area, relatives had stayed at this motel 3 or 4 years before, and it was cheap but OK.

Apparently in the interim it had been taken over by the Bates Motel Management Group.  The bedcoverings were stained, as were the carpets; the door fit so loosely that you could see through the cracks on either side, and the AC made a horrendous noise without appreciably cooling the room.  The tub and sink were grimy, and I cleaned off the toilet seat myself with hot water and soap.

I was stuck there for at least overnight, since that was the only way that DH would know to find me in case of an emergency.  (No cell phones then.)  Now I think I would have the spine to take one look and say "No.  Here is your key back," and gone to the Econolodge or similar chain.  I didn't bathe.  I didn't unpack.  I didn't even change into a nightshirt.  I slept fully clothed and with a chair wedged under the doorknob as tightly as I could.  No problems, but if there had been I was at least not going to face it wearing nightclothes!

The lovely realtor, a personal friend, let me use her phone the next  morning to tell DH that I was moving to the Econolodge, where I stayed the rest of the week. 
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