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We had a near sighting of a celebrity behaving badly -- Shia LeBeouf

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We were at a Broadway show last night.  "Cabaret".  Great show.  We had a fabulous evening.

On the way home I was reading through my Facebook and I learned that Shia LeBeouf had been in the audience with us, but had behaved badly during Act1, and had been removed from the theater and arrested during intermission.

To be honest, we didn't have a clue this was going on.  But I am glad a theater took the time to remove a disruptive patron.

What is wrong with some people?

If he was arrested, it was something a bit more than a simple disturbance!

I would wait for more details before passing judgment.

The first very vague report I've seen just says that he was 'disruptive and loud' and was in tears when handcuffed and taken away.  That's the very earliest - who knows what the full story will turn out to be.

Mr LeBeouf has been reported for some time be have been behaving oddly (plagiarism, then skywriting an apology for plagiarism). It may be less "rude celebrity" and more "celebrity having emotional/mental problems in public," unfortunately.

The more I see of the lives of celebrities, the more I'm glad I'm not one. However, I'm glad that the theatre didn't give him a pass to ruin other people's experiences simply because he was famous. Of course, I'd expect the staff of a Broadway theatre to be relatively unsusceptible to being star-struck.

ETA: A report here of what may (or may not) have happened.

There are some people who don't handle being famous well. He has been acting out for a while. If I were him, I would quietly retire from the public eye and work on myself.


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