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Dilemma re:quitting job

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I have accepted a new teaching position for the next year.
Last week, my principal called me because my name was included on the board minutes as being in my current position again for the upcoming school year. My name was included, but nobody called me or emailed me to inform me this would be happening.
She called me on Thursday, but I was without a phone until Saturday (I broke my iphone and got a new one). I tried calling school today, but the office is closed.
What should I do? Should I email her and ask her to call me? Or should I just send in my resignation letter? I feel like I owe her a phone call, but maybe I'm wrong.

I think this deserves a phone call. It's always kinder to break up in "person"

That assumes that she is a reasonable person to work for that you respect. If you think she'll freak out, then it is not as necessary.

I'm so glad that you got a new position, Cello!! 

I think that you should go to her house and dance and sing a happy quitting song in her yard call her up and cordially tell her that you have a new position.  No use burning bridges, you will probably see this person again at a school conference or something.

I'd call, especially since the time gap was due to a broken phone and not a strategic move of some sort.  The other posters have a good point--you never know when you will run into a former coworker if you stay in the same field when you change jobs, so why burn bridges unnecessarily.  Good luck with your new position!

Night Audit Woman:
This reminds me of the time I applied for a scholarship at a prestigious art college. I really wanted that scholarship. I waited and waited for a letter to arrive. Finally I realized that I didn't get it.

The following semester started and I met the professor who I would have been working closely with at another college. She chose the week school started to tell me that I had received the scholarship! Huh? No letter. She just announced it on a stairway.

By that time I had already registered at another college and had started classes. She could not understand why I would not just cancel all my classes and rush off to work with her.


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