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Dude. I'm not actually your friend.

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You should just block him.  The default should not be "i have no reason not to be his "friend"" but "why should I be his friend"

I run into this sometimes because I have a job that requires a "public face." People assume a lot, particularly that if they have heard of me and have access to me on social media, we're close friends in "real life."  I'll state that I'm having an event in a particular city and they'll say, "Oh, you can come stay with me!" or "Let's meet for drinks!" Or I have people who want to meet for coffee and chat about their work projects.

I don't want to be rude, but really, I DON'T KNOW YOU. Why would I meet you if my only knowledge of you comes from you liking photos on my Facebook page? For my own safety, I politely, but firmly say no. I don't give reasons, which gives them a chance to argue or push against my logic, just a "That won't be possible, but thanks."

The fact that this guy pushed so hard and then immediately started negging with "Oh, you thought i was interested in YOU" to try to knock the OP off balance about her perceptions, tells me he's not a good guy. You're telling me a reasonable adult man can't find a running partner without hounding a complete stranger online?  Block him and be done.

I had a creepy guy friend me a few months ago. I posted about under the Techno thread. Once I blocked him on FB, he actually had the nerve (not that I was surprised) to send me a Twitter something to the effect that "you'll be sorry" (or maybe it was your loss, at this point I don't remember exactly). Mildly threatening but I took more as a juvenile response than an actual threat.

But it 100% confirmed I was right to block him, as the eHellions had suggested. Also ended up creating a new Twitter account.

Glad you blocked this creeper.

I usually find that taking no action is usually the best approach. As others say 'Don't engage the crazy'. If someone friends me that I don't know, I 'hide' the friend request (if you decline it, they have the option to send you another one - if you 'hide' it all they see is 'your friend request has been sent' so they can't send another one). Someone you don't know sends you a message - don't reply. By all means READ it, but unless there is a legitimate reason 'Hi, I saw your details on XYZ forum and saw that you've completed 'Fairyland marathon' - blah blah genuine question' it's always worth being cautious.

Definitely blocking him was smart OP.  For anyone that has had that person with whom they do have to have some sort of facebook dealings with (like a dad on your kid's team that really creeps you out for example) there is the option to change your posting/following options.  There are a few people that are on my friend's list, but I unfollowed them (so as to not see their posts) and I also have my options set that these few people are not sent my posts at all.  It is much nicer to go on my facebook and not have to wonder what drama they will cause that day.  In a few weeks my kid will be in a different group and then I'll unfriend and block them.


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