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Dude. I'm not actually your friend.

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You should just block him.  The default should not be "i have no reason not to be his "friend"" but "why should I be his friend"

I run into this sometimes because I have a job that requires a "public face." People assume a lot, particularly that if they have heard of me and have access to me on social media, we're close friends in "real life."  I'll state that I'm having an event in a particular city and they'll say, "Oh, you can come stay with me!" or "Let's meet for drinks!" Or I have people who want to meet for coffee and chat about their work projects.

I don't want to be rude, but really, I DON'T KNOW YOU. Why would I meet you if my only knowledge of you comes from you liking photos on my Facebook page? For my own safety, I politely, but firmly say no. I don't give reasons, which gives them a chance to argue or push against my logic, just a "That won't be possible, but thanks."

The fact that this guy pushed so hard and then immediately started negging with "Oh, you thought i was interested in YOU" to try to knock the OP off balance about her perceptions, tells me he's not a good guy. You're telling me a reasonable adult man can't find a running partner without hounding a complete stranger online?  Block him and be done.

I had a creepy guy friend me a few months ago. I posted about under the Techno thread. Once I blocked him on FB, he actually had the nerve (not that I was surprised) to send me a Twitter something to the effect that "you'll be sorry" (or maybe it was your loss, at this point I don't remember exactly). Mildly threatening but I took more as a juvenile response than an actual threat.

But it 100% confirmed I was right to block him, as the eHellions had suggested. Also ended up creating a new Twitter account.

Glad you blocked this creeper.


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