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Dude. I'm not actually your friend.

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The red flags here are sending you a friend request with zero information, then messaging you when you denied it.
Then FB-stalking your posts.
Then using a nickname to inflict a higher level of intimacy on you much sooner than warranted.
Then inviting you to the gym and walking to call and "talk."
Then when you shut him down, immediately taking the "what? I'm not hitting on you! how could you think that of me?" route.  Yeah, he was, and he knows it.

I'd strongly urge defriend and block.  He might not bother you again (or he might wait a few weeks if his other attempts elsewhere don't pan out), but he might start trolling your friends list for another target.

I often have men say vaguely inappropriate things to me (I am happily married), and it takes a lot to offend me, but I avoid drama in my life at all costs.  I would just block this guy.  Why stress over someone you don't have any actual connection to and who only causes you to feel either vaguely uncomfortable or downright creeped out? I see no downside to blocking him.

I'd block him, too. I find it creepy that he picked you at random off of a page that's not centered on running, while supposedly looking for running buddies. Also, he wouldn't have gotten notification that you denied his friend request, so he must have made note otherwise of your profile and been checking back. Then the repeated contact, being overly familiar, and requests to meet? Yep, red flags all over.

Best case, he's just really socially clueless and honestly trying to make friends, but if you're not interested in being friends anyway why take the chance?

Would block him.
Actually, would not have probably friended him.  (But that is just me) 

But after all this, yeah, blocked.  Especially after the whole Mr. Innocent Just Wanted To Talk Running thing.  Nope.  He just tried to make you look like the rude one or the one with issues. 
Block him and tell your friends so he doesn't try to friend them to get back to you. 

I would defriend and block, too.  Things to keep in mind:

a) He knows you run, what city you're in, and possibly, depending on the advice you've given, where and when you run.

b) He knows what you look like from your Facebook account.

He may have no nefarious intentions and really just want a friend (maybe he has a lot of female friends, just as some women have a lot of male friends, maybe he's gay, whatever).  But that doesn't mean that he might not figure out times when you might be jogging and try to "accidentally" run into you along the way and join in.  That could be incredibly annoying, even if there's no threat.  If he does manage to arrange to run into you in person, he'll be that much harder to shake.


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