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Some driving advice on 195 through NYC

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We are going from New England ( I95 in Conneticut ) to Williamsburg VA.  DH is insisting that the best route is I95 through NYC.  The directions I have GPS'd look very confusing - especially the cross Bronx Xpressway and George Washington Bridge.  I am also nervous about the traffic ( although we do drive in Boston - which is very congested and aggressive drivers ).

We are leaving our house at 6:00 Am and I I would guess be in NYC around 10 or 11 on  Sunday AM.  For those of you who have driven this or live in the area - what do you think ? Is there another route you might consider ? or am I stressing needlessly.

I am concerned about being stuck for hours in traffic.

According to my driving-guru husband:

Traffic on the Cross-Bronx Expressway (which is what I-95 is called when it crosses the Bronx) is going to be awful. I asked him, "Even on a Sunday morning??" And he said yes.

Remember that "heavy traffic on the highway in NYC" means "not going at all"; it doesn't mean "watch out for bumping into people" or "maneuver carefully through all the crazy drivers." It means "sit here, and creep along for about an hour, until you've traveled 3 to 6 miles."

So, here's what he recommends.

As you're coming down the NE Thruway, after you cross the NYState line, you'll see signs for I-287 West; take that to the Tappan Zee Bridge, and cross the Hudson River there. (Wave to Rip Van Winkle and Sleepy Hollow.)

Pick up the Palisade Parkway South; when you hit I-80 West, take it to I-95 / New Jersey Turnpike South, which will lead you to Virginia.

"It's not 100% direct, but it just works better." Says my DH.

I agree. You can lose hours trying to get somewhere on a  NYC highway, and there is really -no- option to get off and find a different path. You are stuck.'

So if you can make your westward maneuver away from the city, it's much smarter. And it will be faster, even if it's more distance.

YMMV. Literally.

POF, my sister and I will figuratively wave as we pass you on the road. We are travelling from northwestern NJ to New Emgland within the next 2-3 days.

Thank you TootsNYC for asking your DH and for posting these very excellant directions!

Even before reading Toot's excellent reply, I was thinking the exact same thing. It's a much better plan than trying to use the Cross Bronx Parking Lot and the GWB.


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