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Funny/clever tee shirts

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My favorite maternity tee shirt when I was pregnant said "Does this baby make me look fat".  A lot of people commented that the shirt was cute/funny.

I bought a onesie that says "Daddy Proof" with the holes for the arms, legs, and neck labeled.  DH thinks it is funny too.  (Just to note, I do think my husband is a competent father who can dress the baby, we just have a goofy sense of humor).

I saw a tee shirt that said "I was pale before it was cool" during the height of popularity of the vampire movies.

Library Dragon:
One of DH's favorites given ti him by DSs stated:
I yell because I care. 
He had many people ask where he bought it. 

One of my favorite summer shirts is from this year.  The engineers do a double take.

Back in another life, I used to code websites for a living. I always, always wanted this t-shirt.

I quite like this one


My favorite one for many years (many years ago) was "I was into Nsync when they were still underground."

My current fave is "I'm an English major. YOU do the math."

And my husband gets a lot of positive comments on this one that I got him:



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