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Fruit Leather


I think I'm going to get out the dehydrator and make some fruit leather this weekend. I've looked around on the Internet and have gotten some ideas for flavors, etc. It looks like it will be pretty simple. Anyone here have any especially good recipes? I'm trying to avoid sugar and want to keep it as all natural as possible.


I'm weird, but wound up not being as happy with my fruit leather.  I just cut the fruit up and dry pieces.  I think I did about a thousand peaches, but that ought to be enough to last me until next season.

Oh Joy:
I've found that just fruit with a little lemon or lime juice comes out how I like it...clean and bright.

Have fun!

Do you mean like fruit roll-ups fruit leather?

If so, I've found success with applesauce mixed with whatever other fruit.  The applesauce gives the fruit leather more stability, and is a good way to "spread out" the more expensive fruit.  Usually a ratio of 2:1 for applesauce to other pureed fruit.  I add a little bit of lemon juice to keep the flavors bright, and then lay it on parchment paper on top of the provided plastic dehydrator ring. 

Applesauce & strawberries is a great favorite of the kids. 

Oh, interesting idea with the applesauce! I'll try that! Thanks!


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