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So, last weekend my cat had an emergency hospital stay. The good news is he's fine and recovering beautifully! The bad news is that I had not budgeted for kitty emergencies so I'm feeling quite a bit poorer than usual and need to save money where I can.

Anyone have good, cheap recipes I can make while my wallet recovers? I live alone (other than the cat) and I don't have any food restrictions. Looking for stuff like taco soup, which is delicious but not the only thing I want to eat for six months.

Outdoor Girl:
What about chilli?  But using beans to stretch/replace the meat.  I like kidney beans - both red and white - and black beans in mine.  And to stretch it even further, serve it over rice.  We always had that in my house as a kid when Mom needed to stretch the budget.  And it freezes well.

It is basically tomato sauce - and you can use cheap spaghetti sauce - with some onions and peppers and beans and ground beef.  I use chilli powder and lots of black pepper in mine.  I use a few other spices but if you don't have them on hand, it isn't going to keep it cheap.

Cruise the marked down produce shelf - peppers that are a little past their prime are fine for cooking into dishes.

What are eggs priced your way?  They can be a cheap protein and made several ways - boiled, fried, scrambled, omelette.

Oo, chili! Great idea! I can't believe I didn't think of that. :P

Eggs are fairly decently priced here. I can get a dozen for under $2.

Chili is always a good option

Red beans and rice (even with kielbasa added and cornbread,  this can be under $5 if you shop around)

Spaghetti with ground meat sauce

Eggs are pretty versatile, add some grits or toast

Cereal (I've eaten a lot of cereal for dinner over the years)

Chicken, vegetables and rice.   You can get less expensive chicken by buying the legs or thighs, add a 99 bag of frozen vegetables,  and serve over rice.

Tortilla soup,  chicken noodle soup, chicken and dumplings, vegetable beef soup. The Tortilla soup and vegetable beef you can serve over rice or even egg noodles.

ETA  forgot peanut butter, tuna salad,  chicken salad sandwiches.   All cheap to make and tasty.

Potatoes. Scalloped potatoes, vegetarian potato soup, potato soup with polish sausage, cold potato soup, colcannon, goulash with potatoes, baked potatoes with sour cream, baked potatoes with seasoned taco meat -- I love 'em. I look at recipes for potatoes on the internet and in cook books.

Also, vegetarian Indian recipes! Library and internet comes to the rescue again.


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