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Taco Salad

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We were recently at a function and had Taco salad for the first time.  I know there are recipes online but wondered if anyone had a TNT recipe?

One use this one ( with only one substitution - 1 tbsp. homemade taco seasoning for chili powder.  It's a guaranteed way to use up lettuce in our house.

Taco salad is great for home cooking - especially in the summer.  Right now while the memory of the salad that you had at the function is clear, write down everything that you can remember that you saw in there, for future reference.  It must have been a wonderful salad!

Here is how I make the meat for tacos - did it for lunch today.  You can use any greens and veggies that are around for the salad part.

Taco Meat - amounts are for 1 lb of ground beef [mince], but I generally double this.

Slice a medium sized sweet onion thinly, and cook in a frying pan with olive oil until cooked through, but barely starting to brown.  Use more olive oil if the meat is very lean.

Add 4 chopped garlic cloves, and cook for a minute or so.

Then add a pound of ground beef, crumbled.  Cook and stir until the meat isn't red anymore. 

Add about 1 1/2 T chili powder, 1 t of cumin, salt and pepper, and about 1/4 t rosemary if you like it.  If you didn't have fresh garlic, then add some garlic powder. 

Then add a 4 oz can of roasted green chili pieces, undrained.

Stir and cook a bit more on low until you know that the beef is thoroughly cooked and the flavors blend.  If you cook it awhile the onions cook down so that they barely show.

You can adjust the spices to your own taste, and to your diners du jour.  Today I made this fairly mild for my grandchildren, and they liked it.

For salad, you can add whatever you like to the greens.  I like to add a shredded taco or Mexican cheese blend, some tomatoes, and use the bottled taco sauce for dressing.  You could add the sauce to the meat, and then use another dressing.  Sometimes I like to add things like sour cream, rinsed and dried beans from a can, or cucumber, too.  Some people add avocado.  Some like to add taco chips or pieces of tortilla.  Restaurants sometimes serve this in a corn tortilla "bowl."

I had a fantastic Greek salad in a restaurant recently, and you could apply the same technique to taco salad.  The salad had greens in the bottom, the next layer had pieces of raw tomato and  onions and chopped peppers that had been grilled or cooked in oil.  This was all topped by grilled souvlaki chicken and feta.  I especially liked this because the green pepper can be a bit strong for me when raw. 

I make taco meat with just packets from the seasoning aisle.

I just do plain iceburg on the bottom, then have the following toppings:

Diced tomatoes (about 1 roma tomato per person)
Diced green onions (About 1.5 per person)
Cilantro (it's a pain to pick all the leaves off, but SO worth it!!!!)
Sour cream
Mexican mix shredded cheese

We don't use any dressing, but if you must have it, ranch is an alright addition.

Oh Joy:
There are so many versions of taco salad out's kind of like saying "I had an awesome pizza," where it could have been of many different styles.

What do you remember about the taco salad, even if your description includes "some brown goopy stuff" or "a green crunchy layer?"

That should help us know if we're on the right track for what you enjoyed.


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