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Leo DiCaprio - class act


In an "I can't believe that really happened to someone I know" story:

My former supervisor, J, and her fiancee, M, were staying at a Los Angeles hotel for a family wedding. While in the lobby, J had someone knock into her from behind- hard. She turned around and almost fell over anyway, because it was Leonardo DiCaprio.

He apologized profusely, took J and M into the hotel bar, bought them drinks, took a picture with them, apologized for bumping into her again, and was off.

When J came back from vacation, she was still all " :o" That was the face she was making in the photo, too!

That's awesome!

What a gentleman!

I got bumped (and had beer spilled on me) on the concourse of our local football stadium.  IT was crowded and someone bumped into me from behind, slopping their beer down the back of my jacket.  I turned, angry, only to be face-to-face with one of our local NHL team players, Ryan Smyth.  I froze up in surprise.  Mr Smyth apologised sincerely a couple of times and offered to pay to have my (leather) jacket cleaned.  I declined, but I did let him buy me a beer, a fully acceptable gesture of apology in Canada :)

Mental Magpie:
I have heard so many awesome things about Leo DiCaprio, which has only made bigger my girlhood crush on him.  What a gentleman!


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