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The teenage cashier with tons of class...


I was in quite a bit of a hurry last night when I stopped to get gas.  I only had cash with me, so I had to prepay the pump inside.  I handed the girl what I thought to be $21.  She took the bills, counted them once, paused, and then counted them again.  She looked up at me with an apologetic smile and said, "I'm sorry ma'am there is only $20 here and then counted the bills out for me on the counter."  I apologized and made some silly comment about counting never being my strong point.

I went back out to the pump, started the gas, and then washed my windshield.  When I finished, I noticed that the pump had stopped at $21.  I grumbled a little bit and dug in my ashtray for the necessary dollar.  When I went back in the girl at the counter immediately started with "I'm so sorry.  I must have authorized the pump for $21 instead of $20.  Don't worry about the extra dollar, I'll take care of it."

I was completely taken aback.  My experience at this particular gas station has been with apathetic, untrained clerks.  This young woman was the picture of composure and grace, as well as proper etiquette.  I insisted on paying the extra dollar since I figured that she would have to pay it out of her pocket.  I'm also planning on writing a short note to the manager expressing my delight with this young woman.

Clara Bow:
How nice! Proof that good breeding is out there somewhere, if you just have the time to look for it!

She's a gem!


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