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Author Topic: How to share a wedding website  (Read 9095 times)

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Re: How to share a wedding website
« Reply #15 on: April 04, 2015, 01:49:30 PM »
To book travel, I want things like exact times and location. To book time off work, I just need date and general location.

That's a really great description, and helps to put a lot of things in perspective.  Our wedding has a very party-minded guest list, I'm genuinely expecting a lot of people to book the hotel room to take advantage of the shuttle service, so they don't have to drink and drive.  Plus hopefully these same hotel guests will come to the open brunch the next day.  The venue is pretty darn centrally-located, and all events are in the same area, but most people will have to travel 1 hour to get there, many of my friends up to 2 hours. 

I'm a super-planner, so for me making a 2 hour trip, plus a hotel, plus the brunch, I would want exact times and locations months in advance so I can get everything done.  If I don't do it early, it doesn't get done.  Most people aren't like that, so that you posters for giving me things to think about. 

I ended up posting on FB, DF did the wording, and I will send via email to my family not on FB, and I'll make him do the same.  Many people 'liked' or mentioned seeing the post, so I think all went well!

Like Toots said, XYZ Country Club and stuff like that.  I've already had one friend look up the website, the menus, try to figure out the cost per head, etc.

And this person *told* you that?

That was rude.

It's just like the "reading my calendar" thread, and the another one going on now.
It's like eavesdropping.

Of course people do it; sometimes they can't even help it.
It's a little hard to say it's wrong in the eyes of Etiquette (it might be wrong in the eyes of Character).

But Etiquette does say it's rude to let on that it happened! You are supposed to exercise discretion.

I agree, this friend is a little abrasive, but she is the type to help out when needed, and we spend enough time together that not inviting her would have been a snub.  We are invited to her wedding, which is 2 months before ours. I don't care much if people do look up every aspect of the wedding, as long as they don't tell me!  I think it comes down to, I'm doing a lot of work to host this thing, and I'd prefer to present the finished event to our guests my way.