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Author Topic: I'm going to have to teach this one to my coworkers!  (Read 3163 times)

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I'm going to have to teach this one to my coworkers!
« on: May 20, 2015, 09:03:36 AM »
So yesterday my coworker, Nora, had a meeting set up. It has been arranged for several weeks. The two people she was meeting were flying in from the UK and would be coming to our office for the meeting.

Nora is hassled as she has important presentation which she has had very little time to work on and is hoping the meeting will be short so that she can get back to work.

They arrive on time, at 3pm. They start their meeting.

At 3.45pm the doorbell rings, it's a man asking to see "Tanya", I hear my other colleague who answered the door saying that there is no Tanya here, he must be mistaken. He is insisting that this is the address is where she told him to meet and we must be confused because the meeting is not until 4.15 and he's early!  ::) right!

I come to the door and a lightbulb goes off - Tanya is one of the people Nora is in the meeting with. I say that he can come in and wait but we're very confused as to why she told him to meet her here as this is our office...

Anyway, I hear Nora come out of the boardroom and go to her office. I ring her and tell her "John" is here to meet Tanya. She kind of laughs and says "oh, yes, Tanya told me about him".

So John goes up to our boardroom and has his meeting with Tanya.

I ask Nora about it and she admits that just before the end of her meeting with Tanya she was asked where Tanya and her colleague could meet with John. Nora said "Oh, well there's a hotel a few minutes away... or a couple of coffee shops nearby?" Tanya said "What about right here?"

Nora was so stressed about getting back to her presentation that she said "oh, ok, I guess you could. Do you need to contact him and give him directions?" Tanya just smiled and pointed to her phone and said that was fine, she'd take care of it.

Nora exits the boardroom and gets my call that John is already here - Tanya had set the meeting up ages ago and just not bothered to ask in advance if she could use our premises!

I suspect that this John person, while not a competitor per se, didn't want to let us know where he was from/who he represented as he deliberately avoided answering colleague, Nora and myself when we asked!

The cheek of Tanya, assuming that she could take control of our boardroom for her own meetings when she's never even met us before and trying to pretend that it was spur of the moment thing. I need to teach Nora to say "I'm afraid that's not possible".

That wasn't all! At 5.30 they were still having their meeting. I had to tell Nora to go in and tell them we were closing so they needed to leave.

Sorry this was so long  :) It was too good not to share!
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Re: I'm going to have to teach this one to my coworkers!
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2015, 09:37:22 AM »
Seriously,  :o :o nerve or what. I'm glad you had a response down.